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SHOWTIME aspired to maximize the benefits of all parties and create win-win or even win-win-win situations. We are adept in organizing effective and enticing promotions and events of different themes. We formulate well-suited strategies for the success of our clients’ business, market expansions and brand development.


SHOWTIME’s design and production team is adept in organizing effective and enticing thematic promotions and events,
in which novelty and the concepts of limited-time and special editions are instilled to provoke the desire for consumption

Our SHOWTIME team is acquainted with licensing IP (intellectual property) of animes
and idols as well as the design, production, merchandising and sale of licensed products.


Experienced Creative and Production Team


Trust and Understanding


Close Ties with Major Manufacturers / Suppliers


Extensive Network with Numerous Shopping Malls and Department Stores



Jack LamManaging Director
Jack worked with several design firms and advertising agencies as a Creative Director. He has a knack for integrating marketing concepts into his designs. He has been involved in the rebranding of Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited. His experience and social connections acquired from past collaborations inspired him to establish SHOWTIME PR & MARKETING, announcing its presence in the licensing markets.
Jacky LeeProject Director
Jacky has spent productive years in the advertising industry working with some of the renowned brands on brand building and project management. His experience in advertising and marketing has built a foundation for his brand consulting of original brands and licensing business. Jacky co-established tobyhk workshop ltd., a character design and consulting company which provides consulting and licensing services to original brands.
Carla LoCreative Director
Carla has a wealth of experience working with several advertising agencies and Commercial Radio Hong Kong, providing services to a range of brands across different industries. She was a Marketing Executive of the advertising and marketing department of the Guangzhou branch of a company. She was responsible for connecting with partners and clients, company planning, advertising and promotional exhibition.


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